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Are you done with yo-yo dieting?

Think about food less and enjoy it more.

Design your life.

You may have heard the terms Health at Every Size® (HAES), Anti-Diet, or Intuitive Eating. But even if you understand that it’s better for your health to stop dieting, how do you actually do it?

Intuitive Eating sounds like it should be intuitive, right?

That’s where I can help you.

Intuitive Eating is a process that for most of us, has to be re-learned. You were once an intuitive eater. Many of us have been told what we should and shouldn’t eat, what is an appropriate serving size, food group type, dangerous or beneficial for our health.

We have learned to eat according to everyone else’s rules.

We have learned how to quiet our own voices and our own bodies.

Now learn how to listen to your own body signals and design your life!

Let’s Get Started

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Hi! I’m Coach Beth.

Coaching is the key to discovering why you’re stuck, learning what to do about it and applying the how-to strategies that work.

You are your own expert. I will meet you where you are. I will challenge you and may even push you just beyond your comfort zone. And then – I will give you the tools that you need to learn how to listen to your own body.

Ready to get unstuck?

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